Jalandhar Haveli

Jalandhar Haveli: Haveli is a noteworthy chateau situated in the core of Jalandhar, Punjab. The haveli was worked during the nineteenth 100 years by the noticeable Khatri group of Jalandhar, and it is a fine illustration of customary Punjabi design. Today, the haveli is a famous traveler location and is known for its delightful frescoes, complex carvings, and elaborate insides.

The haveli has a few patios, which were once utilized for different parties and services. The patios are encircled by luxurious galleries and verandas, which are embellished with wonderful carvings and frescoes. The haveli’s design is a mix of Mughal and Rajasthani styles, and it has a particular person that separates it from different structures in the locale.

The inside of Haveli is comparably great as its outside. The haveli has a few rooms, every one of which is enhanced with customary Punjabi goods, including low wooden beds, cut wooden seats, and complex materials. The walls of the rooms are enhanced with frescoes and paintings that portray scenes from Hindu folklore, Punjabi legends, and authentic occasions. The frescoes are painted in splendid varieties, and the unpredictable subtleties and examples make them really stunning.

One of the most great highlights of Haveli is its focal yard, which is encircled by a covered veranda. The yard has a lovely wellspring in the middle, and flanked by a progression of curves lead to the encompassing rooms. The veranda is embellished with delightful carvings, and it gives a serene retreat from the clamor of the city.

Haveli has gone through a few remodels throughout the long term, however its customary person has been painstakingly saved. The haveli is a demonstration of the rich social legacy of Jalandhar, and it is a must-visit objective for anyone with any interest at all in conventional Punjabi engineering and plan.

Jalandhar Haveli Ticket Price

The Jalandhar Haveli ticket price may vary from time to time.

Jalandhar Haveli Menu

Haveli in Jalandhar is a memorable manor that has been changed over into a social community and occasion scene. In that capacity, it doesn’t have a café or a menu for food, however it might offer catering administrations for occasions and get-togethers held at the haveli.

Nonetheless, there are numerous cafés and food outlets situated nearby Haveli Profound that offer an extensive variety of neighborhood and global cooking. A few well known choices incorporate Punjabi Dhabas, which serve conventional Punjabi food like chole bhature, makki di roti and sarson ka saag, and baked chicken. There are additionally eateries that serve Indian-Chinese combination dishes and mainland cooking.

You can without much of a stretch find the eateries and food outlets situated close to Haveli by doing a fast internet based search or by asking local people for proposals. The staff at Haveli Profound may likewise have the option to give ideas and suggestions to local restaurants.

Jalandhar Haveli Timing

The planning of Haveli in Jalandhar can differ contingent upon the day and the season. Nonetheless, it is normally open to guests from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, seven days per week.

It is dependably smart to affirm the opening and shutting times prior to visiting the haveli, as they might differ because of exceptional occasions or upkeep work. You can undoubtedly track down this data by doing a fast internet based search or by reaching the haveli straightforwardly through their authority site or web-based entertainment channels.

Likewise, if it’s not too much trouble, note that the Coronavirus pandemic might have impacted the working long periods of Haveli Profound or other vacation destinations in Jalandhar, so it’s consistently really smart to check for the most recent updates and rules prior to arranging a visit.

Jalandhar Haveli Thali Price

As Haveli in Jalandhar is a noteworthy chateau that has been changed over into a social place and occasion scene, it doesn’t have an eatery or proposition thalis. Nonetheless, there are a few cafés and diners situated close to Haveli Profound that serve thalis and other conventional Punjabi dishes.

The cost of a thali can shift contingent upon the eatery and the kind of thali you request. By and large, thali costs in Jalandhar can go from around INR 150 to INR at least 400, contingent upon the eatery and the dishes remembered for the thali.

You can undoubtedly find cafés and diners close to Haveli that serve thalis by doing a fast web-based search or by asking local people for suggestions. It’s generally really smart to check the costs and menu prior to requesting to guarantee that it meets your spending plan and dietary inclinations.

Jalandhar Haveli Contact Number

098145 99000

Jalandhar Haveli Location

Haveli is situated in the core of Jalandhar city in the Indian territory of Punjab. The specific location of the haveli is:

Haveli , Namdev Chowk, Jalandhar, Punjab, India

The haveli is arranged close to Namdev Chowk, which is a well known milestone in Jalandhar. It is effectively available via vehicle, taxi, or public transportation. On the off chance that you are going from Jalandhar City Rail line Station, it requires around 15-20 minutes to arrive at Haveli via vehicle or taxi.

You can without much of a stretch track down the area of Haveli on a guide or GPS via looking for the location or by involving the haveli’s name as the inquiry term. Numerous internet based map administrations and route applications can likewise give headings to Haveli from your ongoing area.

Jalandhar Haveli News

Jalandhar: Roads to remain closed from 3rd-6th Feb for Shri Guru Ravidas Maharaj Ji’s Shobha Yatra; know diverted routes

Haveli Hotel Jalandhar

Haveli Lodging is a well known inn situated in the city of Jalandhar in the Indian territory of Punjab. In any case, it’s critical to take note of that Haveli Lodging and Haveli are two better places.

Haveli Lodging is a cutting edge inn that offers a scope of conveniences and offices for visitors, including agreeable rooms, an eatery, a bar, and occasion spaces for weddings and different get-togethers. The lodging is situated in an excellent area of Jalandhar, with simple admittance to retail plazas, eateries, and other famous vacation spots.

On the off chance that you are hoping to remain at Haveli Lodging in Jalandhar, you can without much of a stretch track down additional data and book a room by visiting their authority site or via looking for movement booking sites. It’s generally really smart to understand surveys and check the rates and strategies prior to reserving a spot to guarantee that it meets your spending plan and travel needs.

Rangla Punjab Jalandhar

Rangla Punjab is a famous social town situated in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. The town is intended to grandstand the rich social legacy and customs of Punjab, including its music, dance, food, and artworks.

Guests to Rangla Punjab can encounter a large number of exercises and attractions, including live exhibitions by customary Punjabi performers and artists, showings of conventional specialties like earthenware and winding around, and an assortment of food slows down serving real Punjabi dishes.

The town likewise incorporates a little historical center that shows customary Punjabi curios and displays, as well as a trinket shop where guests can buy crafted works and other keepsakes of their visit.

Rangla Punjab is situated on the Jalandhar-Phagwara Expressway, close to the town of Khatra. It is effectively available via vehicle or taxi, and there are likewise open transportation choices accessible from Jalandhar city.

Virasat Haveli Jalandhar

Virasat Haveli is a legacy property situated in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. It is a reestablished haveli that offers guests a brief look into the rich social and building legacy of the locale.

The haveli highlights conventional Punjabi engineering, with complicated carvings and plans on the walls and entryways, as well as bright frescoes and paintings. Guests can investigate the different rooms and yards of the haveli, and find out about the set of experiences and culture of the district through presentations and shows.

Notwithstanding its social and verifiable importance, Virasat Haveli likewise fills in as a well known setting for weddings, occasions, and social exhibitions, with a huge feast corridor and open air spaces that can oblige different get-togethers.

Virasat Haveli is situated on the Kapurthala Street in Jalandhar, and is effectively open via vehicle or taxi from Jalandhar city. It’s dependably really smart to check the working hours and confirmation charges prior to arranging a visit, as they might be likely to change.


What is Jalandhar Haveli?

Jalandhar Haveli is a restored heritage property in Jalandhar, Punjab, India, that offers visitors a glimpse into the rich cultural and architectural heritage of the region.

What can visitors do at Jalandhar Haveli?

Visitors to Jalandhar Haveli can explore the various rooms and courtyards of the haveli, and learn about the history and culture of the region through displays and exhibits. They can also enjoy traditional Punjabi cuisine at the on-site restaurant, and shop for souvenirs at the gift shop.

What type of cuisine is served at Jalandhar Haveli?

Jalandhar Haveli serves traditional Punjabi cuisine, including a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Is Jalandhar Haveli a hotel?

No, Jalandhar Haveli is not a hotel. It is a restored heritage property that offers visitors a glimpse into the cultural and architectural heritage of the region.

Can events be held at Jalandhar Haveli?

Yes, Jalandhar Haveli can be rented out for events such as weddings, receptions, and other gatherings.

What are the opening hours of Jalandhar Haveli?

The opening hours of Jalandhar Haveli may vary, so it’s best to check the official website or contact the management for the current timings.

What is the entry fee for Jalandhar Haveli?

The entry fee for Jalandhar Haveli may vary, so it’s best to check the official website or contact the management for the current fees.

Is photography allowed inside Jalandhar Haveli?

Yes, photography is allowed inside Jalandhar Haveli, but it is always recommended to check with the management before taking any photographs.

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