Vivo X100 Pro Price, Processor, Series, Full Specifications

Vivo X100 Pro Price, Processor, Series, Full Specifications: Vivo’s X series has enjoyed considerable success, notably with the X70 Pro Plus in 2021. Building on this triumph, the Vivo X100 Pro seeks to elevate the brand’s standing in the premium smartphone market. Retaining the essence of its predecessors while introducing novel features, the X100 Pro positions itself as a strong contender.

Vivo X100 Pro Review

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Vivo X100 Pro Plus: Design

Finish and Back Panel:

The phone is available in the distinguished Asteroid Black finish, accompanied by a fluorite anti-glare glass back panel. Vivo maintains a signature style, albeit with refinements for a more sophisticated aesthetic.

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Size and Thickness:

While the X100 Pro maintains a substantial size, Vivo manages to create a slimmer appearance with a rounded design. The massive camera bump, inspired by the sun’s halo, adds a unique touch to the phone’s design.

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Matte-finish Luxury:

The matte finish adds a touch of luxury, but it comes with a trade-off as the phone tends to be slippery. This emphasizes the importance of the included case for improved grip.

3D Curved Edge Display:

Vivo persists with the 3D curved edge display, contributing not only to the phone’s unique appearance but also impacting the viewing experience. The display’s durability is underscored by an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance.

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Durability and Charging:

With wireless charging, a large 5,400mAh battery, and a robust build, the X100 Pro justifies its chunkiness, catering to users who prioritize durability and extended battery life.

Vivo X100 Pro Price

The Vivo X100 Pro comes with a price tag of ₹ 89,999. This flagship smartphone offers a compelling blend of premium features, including a distinct design, powerful hardware specifications, and an advanced camera setup. With configurations catering to different storage and RAM preferences, users can choose between variants without a difference in the price point.

Vivo X100 Pro: Specifications and Software

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Processor and Co-processor: Powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 SoC and accompanied by the new V3 Imaging co-processor, the X100 Pro promises a potent combination for performance and imaging capabilities.

Display and Fingerprint Reader: The 6.78-inch full-HD+ curved edge AMOLED panel with LTPO technology, coupled with an embedded fingerprint reader, enhances the phone’s display and security features.

Connectivity and Charging: Equipped with dual 5G standby, the X100 Pro supports the latest connectivity standards. The inclusion of 120W wired charging and 50W wireless charging emphasizes Vivo’s commitment to providing fast and convenient charging solutions.

Software Experience: Running on Funtouch OS 14 based on Android 14, the X100 Pro promises a refined software experience. With optimizations and an emphasis on smoothness, Vivo aims to deliver a satisfying user interface.

Vivo X100 Pro Plus: Cameras

Vivo X100 Pro  6

Rear Camera Setup: The X100 Pro introduces a triple rear camera setup with notable changes in hardware. The primary 1-inch type camera, new telephoto lens, and updated ultra-wide camera contribute to a versatile imaging system.

Camera Interface and Special Modes: Loaded with features, the camera interface provides intuitive controls. Special modes like Telephoto Sunshot and Super Macro enhance the photography experience, catering to various shooting scenarios.

Zoom Range and Video Capabilities: Capable of up to 100X hybrid zoom, the X100 Pro’s telephoto capabilities are showcased. The phone excels in capturing high-quality 4K footage, with additional features like Cinematic Portrait mode adding creative possibilities.

Comparison with Competitors: The X100 Pro is positioned for comparison with competitors, with a focus on its hardware advantages over competitors like the Google Pixel 8 Pro.

Vivo X 100 Pro: Performance

Multitasking and RAM: The X100 Pro exhibits smooth multitasking with 16GB of RAM, ensuring apps and games remain in memory for extended periods.

Benchmark Scores: Impressive benchmark scores, surpassing competitors like the iQoo 12, highlight the prowess of the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 SoC.

Display Technology and Gaming Features: The LTPO panel enhances display capabilities, dynamically adjusting the refresh rate for optimal battery savings. Gaming features, including support for up to 120fps and Game Frame Interpolation, cater to gaming enthusiasts.

Heat Management and Battery Life: The phone effectively manages heat with its vapor chamber cooling system. The substantial 5,400mAh battery delivers impressive endurance, lasting a day and a half with regular usage.

Charging Capabilities: Vivo’s 100W wired charging system proves efficient, offering quick charging from 0-90% in 30 minutes. The 50W wireless charging, although not tested in this review, provides an additional charging option.

Daily Usage: The X100 Pro handles daily tasks seamlessly, offering a robust performance package for users with diverse needs.

Vivo x100 Pro Features

Design– Finish: Asteroid Black
– Back Panel: Fluorite anti-glare glass
– Size: Substantial, rounded design
– Camera Bump: Unique, inspired by sun’s halo
– Finish Feel: Matte-finish luxury, slippery
– Display: 3D curved edge AMOLED
– Durability: IP68 rating, wireless charging, 5,400mAh battery
Specifications– Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 9300 SoC
– Co-processor: V3 Imaging co-processor
– Storage: 512GB UFS 4.0
– Display: 6.78-inch full-HD+ curved edge AMOLED with LTPO technology
– Fingerprint Reader: Integrated in the display
– Connectivity: Dual nano SIM cards, dual 5G standby, Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.4
– Charging: 120W wired, 50W wireless
– Software: Funtouch OS 14 based on Android 14, commitment to updates
Cameras– Triple Rear Cameras: Primary 1-inch type (Sony IMX989), Telephoto, Ultra-wide
– Front Camera: 32-megapixel
– Camera Interface: Loaded with features, intuitive controls
– Special Modes: Telephoto Sunshot, Super Macro
– Zoom Range: Up to 100X hybrid zoom
– Video Capabilities: 4K recording, Cinematic Portrait mode
– Comparison: Evaluated against Google Pixel 8 Pro
Performance– Multitasking: Smooth with 16GB RAM
– Benchmarks: Impressive scores, competitive with rivals
– Display Technology: LTPO panel, dynamic refresh rate
– Gaming Features: Up to 120fps support, Game Frame Interpolation
– Heat Management: Vapor chamber cooling system
– Battery Life: 5,400mAh battery, lasting a day and a half
– Charging: 100W wired charging, 50W wireless (not tested in this review)
– Daily Usage: Handles diverse tasks seamlessly

Vivo X100 Pro Final Verdict

The Vivo X100 Pro emerges as a formidable all-rounder in the premium smartphone segment. Its exceptional camera array, coupled with blazing-fast performance, a stunning AMOLED display, and robust battery life, positions it competitively against flagship devices in 2024. While the front-facing camera may not stand out, the overall package makes the X100 Pro an appealing choice for smartphone enthusiasts seeking versatility and performance.

FAQs on Vivo X100 Pro

What are the key features of the Vivo X100 Pro?

The Vivo X100 Pro boasts a distinctive design with an Asteroid Black finish, a powerful MediaTek Dimensity 9300 SoC, up to 16GB of RAM, and a spacious 512GB of storage. It also features a versatile camera setup, including a 1-inch type primary camera, telephoto lens, and an updated ultra-wide camera.

How much does the Vivo X100 Pro cost?

The Vivo X100 Pro is priced at ₹ 89,999 for both the variant with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, as well as the variant with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

What design elements set the Vivo X100 Pro apart?

The phone features a matte-finish Asteroid Black design with a fluorite anti-glare glass back panel. It maintains a 3D curved edge display and introduces a unique sun’s halo-inspired camera bump.

What software does the Vivo X100 Pro run on?

The Vivo X100 Pro runs on Funtouch OS 14 based on Android 14, and Vivo commits to providing three years of security and firmware updates.

How does the camera performance of the Vivo X100 Pro compare to its competitors?

The Vivo X100 Pro positions itself as a strong competitor in the camera department, offering a unique telephoto setup for versatile photography. The review suggests that, while the Google Pixel 8 Pro excels in photo editing capabilities, the X100 Pro outpaces it in terms of updated camera hardware.

What is the battery life and charging capability of the Vivo X100 Pro?

With a large 5,400mAh battery, the Vivo X100 Pro showcases impressive endurance, lasting a day and a half with regular usage. The phone supports 100W wired charging, providing a quick charge from 0-90% in 30 minutes, and also offers 50W wireless charging.

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